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Vision & Strategy

Bontaz is driven by the desire to continue creating, innovating and producing subassemblies that contribute to the success of our customers' vehicles and brands.


In an ever more competitive environment, and despite the highest increase in raw material costs over the past thirty years, the Bontaz group has succeeded in maintaining growth and profitability while developing its industrial activity to become a trusted automotive partner.

Research, innovation, productivity, responsiveness, quality and environmental awarness are key success factors which have enabled us to earn the confidence of our customers and supporting them in their own development around the world. Bontaz is driven by the desire to continue creating, innovating and producing subassemblies that contribute to the success of our customers' vehicles. 


The nature of demand on mobility changes and requires new responses. Climate change, on one hand, local markets’ development, on the other hand, are major global trends which have to be considered. Under conditions of new safety and environmental regulations appearing every year in the USA, China or Europa, the executive board of Bontaz developed a group strategy based on expertise and agility. It focused on innovating and sustainable solutions in order to build up tomorrow’s mobility


Furthermore, Bontaz has been working since its creation to preserve a form of industrial mobility based on a continuous collaboration with the customers all around the world, from the subassemblies’ development to the local integration.
Over the decades, the group has maintained an organizational flexibility and a quick effective decision-making that allows it to remain responsive. Industrial agility ensures the commitment of the company in serving its automotive partners with the best overall product in terms of technology, performance, quality, and customer support. Our agility today builds tomorrow’s mobility.


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