The Tier 1 automotive supplier, leader in hydraulic systems and electromechanical actuators, wants to strengthen its industrial agility to offer manufacturers ever more innovative solutions.
It is counting on integrated automation solutions such as those offered by FANUC to support the transformation of the automotive industry.


Bontaz is committed to manufacturers in order to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and extend their life. The Group develops innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of thermal, electric and hybrid engines, as well as new hydrogen engines, and to reduce NOX and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Product innovation is combined with process innovation as Bontaz also designs and manufactures its own machines and assembly lines. It is within the framework of this process innovation that Bontaz has decided to strengthen its collaboration with FANUC, whose machines, CNCs and robots has been used for some twenty years.

“We need more automation to move upmarket. This is what will enable us to have the level of quality and economic performance that our customers expect. Our strategy of industrial excellence is leading us to form more partnerships to develop integrated solutions. We selected FANUC for the reliability of its equipment and the complementarity of its offer, but also for its ability to support our increase in skills through training in its centre located less than two kilometres from our headquarters.” explains Anthony Fayolle, Chief Industrial Performance Officer.


The combination of a machine and a FANUC robot is a good example of what an integrated solution can be. And Bontaz has already been able to test the benefits in its plastic injection moulding workshop.

“The FANUC electric presses are extremely precise, which enables us to meet our customers’ quality requirements. And the combination with a FANUC robot allows us to optimise cycle times by going for tenths at each point. We are looking for total quality at the best cost, and FANUC meets this requirement.” explains Yoann Fournier, test technician in the injection workshop. He adds: “The machine and the robot work with a single CNC, which makes communication between the two very easy. As soon as we load a mould, the robot’s program is loaded at the same time; this is another time saver. ”

These benefits could be extended to Bontaz’s machining business, as many operations are performed on FANUC wire EDM machines.


Bontaz also wants to integrate more digital solutions in order to provide everyone in the company, in real time, with the data they need to make the best decisions and act more effectively.

The first step in this Lean 4.0 strategy will be to connect all the machines to an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to monitor quality, traceability and performance.

Here again, FANUC will be able to fully play its role as a partner by accompanying Bontaz in its approach. The use of connected applications such as FIELD system ZDT and the choice made by FANUC to process a maximum of data locally (Edge) are indeed in line with the 4.0 excellence sought by Bontaz.