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The Bontaz group has an entire division devoted to the HGV and off-road sectors: maritime and rail transport, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial applications (handling, lifting) and recreational applications (2 and 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis). The ecological transition is under way! As part of the race to make vehicles more fuel-efficient and less polluting, Bontaz is constantly optimising its products to achieve the highest standards of technical efficiency, energy efficiency and economic performance.

For over 20 years, Bontaz has been the world’s leading manufacturer of piston cooling nozzles.

We also manufacture a wide range of solenoid, motorised and check valves for oil, fuel and water cooling systems. We also develop valves and ventilators for vehicle batteries. Systematically tested and approved on our end-of-line test benches, our products are renowned for their durability and precision. In the heavy and industrial transport sector, where robustness and reliability are key criteria, Bontaz boasts a remarkably low level of PPM (part per million).


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From the idea to the object: innovating and designing with our customers

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Bontaz is part of a dynamic, proactive engineering approach. Working closely to meet our customers’ needs, and sometimes even exceeding them, we guide them towards the best technical and economic solution.



In a global context where fuel consumption needs to be controlled and vehicle operating life extended, we integrate sustainable development into the life cycle of our components.



From design to final assembly, Bontaz has full command of all production activities. In fact, we even manufacture our own machines and assembly lines. This vertical integration speeds up production times and makes our products more competitive. As our components are standardised, they benefit from a volume effect. Assembled at our sites in the four corners of the globe, they are delivered to customers in close proximity, as part of a short distribution chain.

Heavy electric mobility: towards a new industrial reality

The electrification of road freight transport offers significant advantages in terms of reducing noise, CO2 emissions and atmospheric pollution. Because it heralds a greener, more sustainable means of transport, the electric truck is poised for rapid growth over the next few years. With its finger on the pulse of a fast-changing market, Bontaz harnesses its expertise and production resources to meet the changing needs of its customers. In particular, we are investing in the development of actuators, solenoid valves and motorised applications for the cooling circuits of hybrid and electric vehicles. As part of a continuous improvement approach, Bontaz is keenly examining projects that will shape the applications of tomorrow.