The Bontaz Group’s social and environmental responsibility: increasing our positive impact

By adopting a set of CSR practices based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which Bontaz joined in 2020, the Group demonstrates its commitment to making a positive contribution to achieving international sustainable development goals. This approach places social and environmental concerns at the heart of our strategy, and extends them to our relations with all our stakeholders. 


A responsible employer

Bontaz defends the idea of an ethical economy, based above all on people and respect for their fundamental rights. We strive every day to enable our employees to carry out quality work in healthy and fulfilling conditions. We encourage a culture of accident prevention and protection of health. We endeavour to strengthen inclusion and social cohesion, just as we remain vigilant when it comes to professional equality. We take great care to ensure that our practices are fair, by combating all forms of corruption.

  • Preventing and managing occupational risks 
  • Regular assessment of quality of life at work
  • Alertcys service to combat bullying, discrimination and corruption 
  • Code of conduct and ethical charter

Defending the planet

At the same time as global warming, our world is facing unprecedented loss of biodiversity, erosion of natural resources and energy shortages. The issues at stake are urgent and they call for strong commitments. At Bontaz, we are carrying out an extensive transformation to reduce our environmental impact throughout our value chain. Sustainability is essential: with eco-design, we are renewing the way we think about and manufacture our products. Thanks to a significant reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions and the growing use of renewable energies, we are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • Reduction of packaging and the use of recycled or bio-sourced materials
  • Research into new raw materials and recycling processes
  • Reduction of transport-related carbon emissions
  • Development of eco-design
  • Implementation of a carbon assessment programme
  • Installation of solar panels on our sites
  • Training on the climate fresk
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Responsible purchaser

The Bontaz Group implements measures to identify, prevent and remedy risks related to human rights, the environment, health and safety throughout its supply chain. We carry out audits and use EcoVadis evaluation techniques to measure the CSR commitment of our suppliers, and direct our purchases towards the most virtuous supply chains.  

  • Purchasing strategy for sustainable development and carbon neutrality
  • Purchasing procedure for suppliers

Regional player

The Bontaz Group drives and supports collective initiatives in relation to the social and ecological transition. Through our philanthropic ventures, we aim to contribute to the emergence of a more inclusive, just and sustainable model of society. We are actively involved in the Arve Valley (Haute-Savoie, France), where we have our historical origins. We rely on teaching by example, sharing knowledge and exchanging best practices to mobilise and involve a wide range of stakeholders at our side.

  • Involvement in the Forces Industrielles des Pays de Savoie – FIPS (The Industrial Forces of the Savoie Region). 
  • Bontaz academy: an association affiliated with the French Football Federation for high-level football training and academic and professional support
  • Sports sponsorship
  • Cultural patronage 
  • Participation in Radio Mont-Blanc’s Eco Tremplin competition
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