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We are involved alongside all manufacturers in the development of this new mobility.

With more than 50 years’ experience and one in every two cars in the world equipped with our products, Bontaz is making the most of its technological and industrial strengths. Electric vehicles from all the major manufacturers are already fitted with our solutions. 

0.6 M (6%)

Number of Bontaz-equipped BEV in 2023

2.5M (10%)

Number of Bontaz-equipped BEV in 2026

Developing advanced technologies for flow control

Electric vehicles require advanced temperature control of the various systems to ensure optimal operation and good energy efficiency. Various fluid systems operate in coordination:
  • The dielectric oil circuit inside the eMotor cools the rotor and stator.
  • The cooling system ensures optimum heat transfer between the vehicle’s various systems.
  • The battery needs to breathe under normal conditions and to evacuate hot gases in the unlikely event of a thermal overload.
  • The refrigerant loop enables heat transfer that would otherwise be impossible, thanks to heat pump systems.

Offering solutions adapted to all electric vehicle fluids

Dielectric oil cooling for electric motors

In high-performance electronic motors, hot spots can form in the rotor and stator and impair motor performance. Direct dielectric oil cooling removes heat directly from the rotor and stator, and cooling jets target hot spots for efficient heat dissipation. Valves and restrictors can be used to fine-tune the eMotor’s thermal control.

The cooling system: the vehicle’s heat transfer system

The coolant (a water-glycol mixture) is the best fluid for transferring heat between the vehicle’s various systems. Complex integrated cooling systems enable a range of high-performance operating modes, from recovering valuable heat in winter to enhanced cooling during ultra-fast vehicle charging. Bontaz coolant valves and distribution manifolds provide the perfect thermal architecture for optimum operation and energy efficiency in all situations.

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Breathing and ventilation of the battery pack

The battery pack must remain a sealed unit, protected from the elements. However, the pressure balance is maintained by our breathing valves. In the unlikely event of a thermal overload, our ventilation valve solutions enable unwanted gases to be evacuated quickly, safely and in a controlled manner.

The benefits of the Bontaz Group

  • From internal combustion engines to electric motors, internationally recognised expertise in fluid control systems.
  • 4 Group-wide R&D centres to boost innovation. 
  • Faster production and a competitive offering, thanks to a vertical integration model that enables us to control our entire value chain.
  • An agile culture and the ability to react quickly to changes in the market.
  • The active involvement of our teams and the constant quest for a high level of customer service.