Our sub-assemblies for oil circuits are internationally acclaimed by the biggest car manufacturers.

Our parts are developed to maximise engine performance, while reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  The projects we drive forward and the patents we register every year are testament to our innovation prowess. The automotive landscape is changing, and so are regulations: at Bontaz, we’re a part of that change. Our international reach puts us in direct contact with decision-makers. Our engineering teams work in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers’ engineering teams to understand the technological, ecological and economic challenges of a rapidly changing automotive sector.


million parts produced each year


World leader in piston head cooling nozzles since 1995

ICE: historical know-how

The world leader in automotive hydraulic systems, Bontaz has been equipping light petrol and diesel vehicles for over 50 years:


Mechanical systems:

  • Piston head cooling nozzles
  • Mechanical valves
  • Chain lubricators

Electromechanical systems:

  • Solenoid valves for oil pump control
  • Solenoid valves for nozzle control 
  • Parking brake modules
  • Solenoid valves and motorised coolant valves

Recognised operational excellence

Over the years, Bontaz has developed increasingly efficient mechanical and electromechanical systems with proven energy efficiency and mechanical strength. To achieve this, we have a number of solid strengths:

Innovation capacity:

at a time when cars are expected to reduce their weight and carbon footprint, Bontaz is rethinking its technological solutions and manufacturing processes by introducing more plastic materials.


Industrial strength:

with 24 factories in 11 countries, the Bontaz Group ensures high production volumes. Our parts are designed, produced and delivered with identical specifications, anywhere in the world.


Complete control of the value chain:

we develop our products, machines and assembly lines from the ground up. We make our own moulds for plastic or aluminium injection. We carry out semi-automatic assembly and functional testing of all our sub-assemblies. This vertical integration strategy improves our technological performance, speeds up our production capacity and enhances the competitiveness of our offers.