Bontaz, the story of an entrepreneurial and family affair

Bontaz started out in 1965 as a small bar machining workshop on a family farm in Marnaz (Haute-Savoie, France). Almost 60 years later, the Bontaz name has spread across 11 countries and has established itself as a global benchmark for automotive hydraulic functions. Our parts equip 1 in 2 vehicles worldwide! While the company was founded by a single man, Yves Bontaz, it now has 3,500 employees in 11 countries.


research & development centres


plants in 11 countries


million parts produced each year


million euros in turnover

Développer et produire pour l’automobile, toutes les mobilités et au-delà

Developing and producing for the automotive industry, all forms of mobility and beyond

A world leader in hydraulic functions, the Bontaz Group is a key reference for the biggest car manufacturers. We manufacture products for all types of mobility (electric vehicles, internal combustion engines, fuel cell engines, heavy goods vehicles, electric bicycles) and beyond: maritime and rail transport, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial applications (handling, lifting) and recreational applications (2 and 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis).

Integrating know-how and technology to guarantee excellence and agility

Bontaz vertically integrates industrial and technological know-how, ensuring competitiveness, agility and excellence in production and support for its customers:

  • Development, industrialisation, production (machining, plastic and aluminium injection, assembly, quality control) and logistics.
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, mechatronics.
Intégrer les savoir-faire et la technologie pour garantir excellence et agilité
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Putting our industrial and innovation capacity to work for the ecological transition

At a time when the energy transition is gathering pace, under the impetus of its shareholders and thanks to the commitment of its employees, Bontaz is asserting its ambition to develop ever more efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions, and to work with its partners, customers and suppliers to shape the mobility of the future. Our recognised expertise and agility, our teams and our infrastructure are invaluable assets in achieving this.


Timeline of an industrial success, the result of a sustainable vision

A graduate of the École Nationale d’Horlogerie in Cluses, Yves Bontaz (1938-2018) sets up his bar turning workshop on the family farm. Initially a local subcontractor, he soon establishes direct contacts with French sub-assembly manufacturers and carmakers.

The company focuses on the production of braking systems and engine sub-assemblies, mainly for European brands. The Bontaz group strengthens its design office in Haute-Savoie and becomes a genuine partner of car manufacturers.

Having become a Tier 1 OEM supplier, Bontaz works with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. The first subsidiaries are set up in the Czech Republic (1995), Brazil (1999), China (2000), the United States (2001), Korea and Japan (2005), and Tunisia (2008).

Now a leading global supplier of automotive hydraulic functions, Bontaz opens new subsidiaries in India (2010), Morocco (2012) and Portugal (2018). The sites enhance their versatility by integrating engineering, production, assembly and marketing activities.

Bontaz is keeping pace with changes in mobility and diversifying into high-potential markets such as electric vehicles, fuel cell engines and soft mobility. At the same time, CSR activities are being structured and accelerated with a view to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.