As part of the climate strategy, Bontaz wanted to be supported to better structure the Net Zero Emissions Leader axis of its CSR policy “IMPACT”. The objective is to build a strategy to reduce our emissions through an integrated action plan and a sustainable transformation of the Group’s activities.



The Group has chosen to be accompanied by a prestigious partner to implement its climate strategy. The decision is now official: Utopies, a firm specialising in responsible innovation, has been selected by Bontaz. Utopies is France’s leading sustainable development consulting agency.

For Bontaz, relying on an agency with highly specialized expertise such as Utopies was essential to meet the Group’s B1 Ambition 2030 strategy and the “IMPACT” CSR policy, whose ambitions are strong.

This collaboration will provide us with a complete methodology for developing the Group’s climate strategy. It will therefore ensure that the Group addresses all sustainability issues through an integrated action plan and a sustainable business transformation.


At Bontaz, this strategy is already being deployed and will be implemented in the coming months.

All subsidiaries are currently being audited to establish a global carbon footprint for the Group. This will allow us to make an initial assessment of the situation and to evaluate Bontaz’s carbon footprint as accurately as possible. These results and analyses will serve as a basis for building an action plan adapted to the points of improvement identified.

An internal Carbon Committee will be set up to structure and manage this process.

About Utopies

The first independent agency and think tank in France to support companies in the area of CSR. Founded in 1993, its aim is to encourage companies to integrate societal and environmental issues into their strategy and to support them in this transformation. The agency is also recognised for its expertise in socio-economic impact studies and the local economy.

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