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Innovative Solutions

Today’s automobile buyers demand vehicles that consume less fuel, are not harmful to the environment, and have a long service life.
Reducing Fuel Consumption and Emissions
Optimizing Engine Performance
Making Vehicles
Last Longer

These are our guiding principles in helping Bontaz develope hydraulic function solutions with our automotive partners.

Create new solutions with maximum reliability

Fuel Consumption
and Emissions

Our primary objective is to provide products with excellent technological performance to help manufacturers reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

Such an approach also entails a rigorous selection of environmentally friendly materials. Vehicles equipped with our products consume less energy and also emit fewer pollutants.

engine performance

All of today’s vehicle manufacturers strive to develop even more powerful, more efficient engines. Using our products enables them to optimize their engine performance. In fact, our products increases engine performance while meeting the criteria of the new Euro 5 emissions standards.

We are continually seeking better performance, and our specialized “Innovations” team works on fundamental research and benchmarking to integrate the latest industry technologies into our processes and products. We file many patents each year, which illustrates our innovative nature and our forward-thinking approach.

Making vehicles
last longer

Our experience from various tests we have done in partnership with our customers shows that our parts considerably extend engine service life.

As part of our sustainable development policy, we have done extensive research about using technology and adapted materials so that our products reduce both thermal and mechanic engine component stress, thus leading to increased service life. We are also committed to exemplary quality and 100% functional control, thus preventing product malfunction that could lead to irreversible engine degradation and eventually to complete breakdown.


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