Already involved with Supply Chain + as a member of the National Certification Committee and the Governing Board, Matthieu BAILS, Supply Chain Director of the Bontaz Group, joins the Board as Vice President. The mission of this young association, composed of representatives from the world of industry and distribution, is to contribute to the development of the Supply Chain in order to make it ever more efficient, sustainable and innovative in all sectors.

The 1st Supply Chain + GA. From left to right: Laurent Desprez (Euralogistic), Cédric Marchipont (Cérélia), Laurent Rouault (Bonduelle Fresh), Thierry Jouenne, Samy Scemama (AFNeT) and Matthieu Bails (Bontaz). 2022 Supply Chain +


Created on November 30, 2021, the Supply Chain + Association aims to “measure, benchmark and certify the Supply Chain in all sectors of activity via a unique reference system”, with the intention of being “the benchmark and booster of logistical excellence in companies, sectors and territories”. The association, headed by Laurent Rouault, Supply Chain Director of Bonduelle Fresh, is currently made up of a team of 14 directors from the industrial and distribution sectors. It already has over 35 members from companies such as Bonduelle, Lustucru, Sodebo, Safran and Bontaz.


1. What is your background?

Matthieu BAILS : “I have spent my entire career in Supply Chain in the automotive sector. In 2010, I took a specialised master’s degree to perfect my knowledge of Supply Chain and to enter the world of industry. This is how I joined Valeo in 2011, a founding moment in my career, as I was immersed in the Lean concepts and Valeo’s best practices, which are unanimously recognised in the industrial and automotive sector. It was also during this time that I worked with Dominique HANQUIER (previously Project Purchasing Director at Valeo, now Group Purchasing Director at Bontaz).”

2. Why did you accept the Vice-Presidency of this association?

M.B. : “I wanted to be a committed and influential player in the Supply Chain + Association and more widely in the Supply Chain. Bontaz is thus at the heart of a young and promising association whose ambition is to become a reference label in the Supply Chain world, in France as well as internationally.”

3. Why is the Bontaz Group part of this association? What do you expect from it?

 : “The Bontaz Group strengthens its reputation, its network and ensures that it is at the forefront of best practices and developments in the profession. In line with B1 Ambition 2030 (the Group’s strategic plan), I would like to be sure that the orientations that we give to the Bontaz Supply Chain are consistent with the best practices and trends of the automotive industry players, but also of other sectors that are more mature. In this way, I will be able to guarantee that the Bontaz Supply Chain will be among the “Best in Class” by 2030.”