The violent and unprecedented Covid19 crisis is not ready to end. The French Prime Minister explained this at length yesterday evening.
A request to manufacture parts for respirators has just been received and gives us the opportunity to contribute to this health crisis.


By hiring scientists to find a vaccine? By investing in a loom to make masks?
Well no, we were just offered to do what we knew how to do: mechanics!

The Bontaz MOPI team will help us make air (rather than brew it). Indeed, Air Liquide, which manufactures respirators, has asked Peugeot for logistical support to help it find suppliers capable of producing certain complex components for the respirators. The target is to supply 10,000 devices within a month, and the usual suppliers cannot cope with the sudden demand for these relatively complex mechanical parts. The management of Peugeot, which has been working with the Bontaz group for 40 years and knows our ability to manufacture hydraulic sub-assemblies, immediately thought of us and asked us to produce two series of 3500 blocks to be delivered in one month.

As I write these lines, the first chips are already falling from the machines and a first part will be produced later today! (The NC program was done yesterday even before the order was confirmed, thanks to our teams who were highly motivated to take up this challenge).

In the future, no less than 2 teams on 12 CNC machining centres will be entrusted with the realisation of this beautiful project.


A health crisis first, and then an economic one. Our business will be strongly affected.
Since its creation, the Bontaz Group has never been through such a crisis.

But we know how to face up to challenges, the group is solid, as we have shown in the past. We have won some great cases over the last 40 years and this is not a strategic choice but a human approach that will give us the immense satisfaction of having contributed to saving lives. It is therefore with pride that our group will take up this challenge which is in the national interest, and I thank in advance all those who will contribute to this project.

Moreover, with the supply in China via our site and the distribution of 5000 masks last week by Philippe Rosset, we can say “we played the game locally too!”. Hospitals being a priority and supplied automatically, we took care of the health workers who are also on the front line and who are more difficult to supply. An additional 7,500 masks are planned for the next few days (also for our internal needs).
We had sent masks to China last January when they were in short supply; they are returning the favour; another great story of solidarity within the group! Bravo!

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude: for the first time in weeks, I am smiling again, proud and happy to be in charge of a company full of solidarity and talent.

It is said that “who saves one life, saves the whole of humanity”…

The race against time is now on to deliver these 5,000 essential components of which we can all be proud.
Let’s do everything we can to succeed in this challenge which will remain forever in the history of the BONTAZ group.

Thank you for all this!

Christophe Bontaz, Group Chairman