Although this year was a special one, the Bontaz Group was able to adapt and show great agility in order to guarantee the continuity of its activities at all levels. This crisis also allowed us to change the format of the annual Group Seminar and to completely rethink it.

Of course, the face-to-face format was not an option, but there was no question of abandoning this annual meeting. So we had to rethink this event, to make it digital while preserving its human dimension.The objective? To recreate links between employees and also, on a global scale, between the various subsidiaries. The Group therefore naturally turned to an event solution combining both physical and digital elements.

See more in the making-off video:



With the help of the Mont Blanc Medias Group, among other partners, it was possible to set up this innovative system on a real TV set. The various sequences were broadcast live in the form of a television programme with a host and interactive exchanges thanks to the time dedicated to questions & answers.

The whole event was broadcast on the Group’s instant messaging tool.

This new format made it possible this year, for the first time, to open the event to all Bontaz employees.
It also made it easier to share the information on a large scale, since the sequences were recorded and accessible in replay every evening.



While this seminar provided an opportunity to bring the teams together and reinforce team spirit, it also provided an opportunity to look back at the highlights of the past year. In spite of the situation, Bontaz has achieved some great victories and it is only the beginning.

In this respect, let’s mention the reward obtained at Renault with the Award distinguishing the supplier who has made the most progress in terms of CSR (➔ read complete article here) or the participation of Bontaz in the manufacture of artificial respirators in the fight against Covid-19 (➔ read complete article here)

Let’s underline here the involvement of the teams whose united efforts made it possible to obtain these results.


These awards reflect the Group’s new strategy, which makes CSR a major challenge in its transformation.

The Bontaz Group is firmly focused on the future and is looking ahead to 2030 with its Group strategy called B1 Ambition 2030. This 2021 seminar was an opportunity to anchor this ambition in people’s minds, as well as its various growth levers and associated objectives.

If the Group’s agility was decisive in 2020 to get through the ordeals, it will be crucial in the future to meet tomorrow’s challenges.